September Update 2010



Ciao amici! Grande notizia da Milano! (Hello friends, Great news from Milan)…Karen recently had her semi-annual battery of tests and scans…AND…Yes, the oncologist says everything looks good! We are so humbled by and so thankful for God’s ever-faithful, attentive goodness to us in every sphere of life! Who is a God like ours? Yeah…You know…There ain’t none!

As most of you know, Tyler & Jessica Stewart from Kansas City, Missouri came over in January of this year to handle our music and young adult ministry. For personal reasons, they have decided it is best for them to return to the States in the coming weeks…While we are thankful to have them and will definitely miss them, we are excited about how God has equipped the Body to handle this unexpected change.

We have three gifted young men in the congregation who are going to work together to lead our worship…Below is a shot of the worship team from last Sunday…From the left…Yes, that’s my beautiful wife & Tyler from America, Maryse from Canada, Chinelo from Nigeria, Renel from the Philippines, Orazio from Italy and Heidi from Denmark. Renel, who sings beautifully, plays guitar and can really, really, I mean really, bang a jimbe, will be assuming leadership of our music ministry.

Karen and I, along with Kelvin, a young man from the Philippines, will assume responsibility for the young adult ministry…Karen & I used to do this work and in all honesty we have missed being more involved in the lives of these young people from all over the world…We are genuinely excited!

Every fall is a whole new season in our church…We lost about 50% of the church to repatriation over the summer, so we are beginning to rebuild…Join us in praying that the Lord will draw many to Himself through ICM!

As always…We praise the Lord and thank Him for your continued interest and investment in what He is doing in Milano!    —–   Much love, Jim & Karen

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