April 2010 Update


Buongiorno! A quick update from your favorite missionaries in Italy!

As you know, it’s always been one of our goals to plant a sister Italian church in Milano…Pictured below is our first “exploratory service” held a couple of weeks ago to gauge where we are in this effort. We had 26! I know that doesn’t sound like a lot to you Americans in the Bible belt…But in Italy, that’s a great beginning! We are planning more of these gatherings in the coming months. There were young people from Canada, Brazil, England, France, Nigeria, Uruguay, China, Ghana, Philippines & USA.  Three of the young adults are interested in pursuing seminary and vocational ministry….Another has just recently made a profession of faith and has expressed an interest in baptism…We love this job!

As is perpetually the case in our little fellowship, another one of our beloved internationals has recently repatriated to her home country…Her name is Becky, she’s from the UK… That’s her with us on her last Sunday at ICM. She was only with us for seven months, but the Lord turned her life upside down.

Becky writes…“I never thought leaving ICM would be so hard! I hope you know what a blessing your ministry here is and how great it is to be part of the little web of ICM Christians from all over the world. I know God sent me to Milan to come to ICM…It’s incredible to think how much He has changed me in such a short time, God’s been cutting me to the core, completely overhauling every part of my life & changing my outlook on everything…I love it! It’s great to be a part of a church where you are challenged every single week…I am going home completely changed…I don’t want to go back to being the Christian I was before…ICM is not your average church & I hope you know what a blessing you are!” Yeah…Like I said, we love this job!

We praise God for the lofty privilege of proclaiming the beauty, value, worth and sufficiency of Jesus Christ to the whole world through our little international fellowship…We thank Him for using you to partner with us in this joyful endeavor!

Every Blessing,

Jim & Karen

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